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Flint:What’s in your water?

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has left much of this nation with questions, namely: What is it?  What caused it? And of course, Who, if anyone, is to blame?

The first two questions are simple, the water crisis began when the city of Flint decided, in order to save money to not renew its 30-year contract with treated water of The Detroit Water and Sewage Department, and instead the people of Flint turned to water closer to home: water from the Flint River. This water is nineteen times more corrosive than lake Huron, which caused the lead pipes pumping the water to corrode, and subsequently for that lead to contaminate the water.

The people of Flint have been drinking this contaminated, brown, lead-filled water for a year! Why would they do this? Well, this is where we find who to blame: City officials told the people of Flint that their water was safe. The former Mayor, Dayne Walling, went as far as to drink the water on public television, in order to prove this point. And to make things even worse for the people of Flint? They are still being forced to pay their water bills! Many of the residents as well as the M.A.D.E. institute, a non-profit organization who has been distributing clean water in Flint, believe that the state of Michigan, who has acknowledged that they are at least partly responsible for the contaminated water, should be paying for at least some of the cost.

As of now there is much being done to help the people of Flint, including donations of money and water bottles, but this water crisis has left many residents ill, and most are without money to afford the medical care that they may need.

If you want to help the state of Michigan has set up a site with details on how to donate money, water, and anything else the people of Flint may need in this trying time.

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