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Why to Intern on Capitol Hill

Summer internships are quickly becoming a topic of casual conversation.  Deadlines are fast approaching and college students are scrambling to send in as many applications as possible.  However, here’s one deadline you shouldn’t miss – the deadline for your Senator or Congressman’s summer internship.

Interning on the Hill comes with its own rewards.  You get to attend Congressional hearings, see the legislative process first-hand, and gain a better understand of how the United States government is run.  Nowhere else do you get to see how people come up with ideas for legislation and see how our government rulings come to be.  During my own internship thus far, I have had the opportunity to attend policy briefings, talk to legislative staff, and gain a greater understanding of how politics work.  You’re exposed to a wide variety of issues – ones that you might not have thought about before.

While you will attend to tasks such as manning the phones, giving tours, and sorting mail, you actually look forward to doing them – at least I do.  This is because you get to work on your own personal and organizational skills.  Even seemingly mundane tasks such as these are great lessons that teach you how to speak professionally on the phone, speak to groups of people, and be more organized, respectively.  You also get to talk to and meet people from all over your own state (or if you intern for someone outside of your state then people from other states).

Having the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill is a great experience so take the time to call your office and see if they’re accepting applications.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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  1. Thank you for the information about where to be involved!


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