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Candidate Cheat Sheet: Hillary Clinton

Here’s Hillary on the issues!

We’ve selected issues that are of particular interest to millennials this upcoming election season.

Here’s Hillary Clinton on the issues.


  • Energy independence:  If elected, Clinton will modernize the pipeline system, increase transportation safety, and enhance grid security.  She also hopes to forge a North American Climate Compact that would aim to “catalyze clean energy deployment, reduce energy costs, cut greenhouse gas emissions, guide infrastructure investment, and make our integrated energy and vehicle markets cleaner and more efficient.”  (more can be found on Clinton’s energy policies on Hillary Clinton’s Factsheet.)
  • Gun control: Clinton plans to decrease the number of gun sales, repeal the gun industry’s immunity protection, and intends to support legislation to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the mentally ill.
  • Healthcare: Clinton is a defender of the Affordable Care Act and also considers herself to be an advocate of women’s reproductive health care.
  • Jobs and the economy:  Hillary defends the Wall Street reforms put in place after the financial crisis.  She also wants to create “a 15 percent tax credit for companies that share profits with workers on top of wages and pay increases.”
  • LGBT issues:  According to her website, she will fight for full federal equality for all LGBT Americans, protect the rights of transgender Americans, and prevent discrimination against LGBT kids and families.
  • Minimum wage:  She wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $12.  Additionally, she wants to support the Obama administration’s expansion of overtime rules.
  • Tuition and student loans:  Clinton intends to create a New College Compact that would “invest $350 billion so that students do not have to borrow to pay tuition at a public college in their state. Her plan will also significantly cut interest rates on student loans and enable an estimated 25 million Americans with student debt to refinance at today’s lower rates, saving the typical borrower $2,000 over the life of their loans.”
  • Welfare systems:  Hillary wants to make the economy work for everyone.  She believes that Americans who need assistance should be able to receive assistance whether it be through government subsidies or “tax incentives to encourage employers to hire welfare recipients.”


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