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Candidate Cheat Sheet: Donald Trump

We’ve selected issues that are of particular interest to millennials this upcoming election season.

Here’s Donald Trump on the issues.

  • Energy independence: Trump is an advocate of fracking and is in favor of implementing the Keystone pipeline.  He is also a large proponent of domestic oil production.
  • Gun control: Trump opposes gun and magazine bans.  He is in favor of changing existing background checks by including criminal and mental health records in the system.  Additionally, he is in favor of a national right to carry.  Trump believes the conversation should be focused on fixing America’s mental health system. (more on his stance on the Second Amendment: Donald J. Trump Positions: Second Amendment)
  • Healthcare: Trump is in favor of private insurance with the exception of government assisted insurance for those who can’t afford it.
  • Jobs and the economy: Trump has put forth a 5-Point Tax Plan that will, “boost consumer spending, encourage savings and investment, and maximize economic growth.” Part of his tax reform will include a simpler income tax. (more on his tax reform: Donald J. Trump Positions: Tax Reform)
  • LGBT issues:  Trump is opposed to same-sex marriage but has said he is an advocate of protecting LGBT Americans from discrimination.
  • Minimum wage:  He is not in favor of raising the minimum wage.
  • Tuition and student loans:  Trump has made no official plan to address college tuition and loans, but has openly opposed government involvement in student loans.
  • Welfare systems:  He believes America should apply welfare-to-work to all welfare programs and that food stamps should be temporary.


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