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Your Vote, Your Voice

If every millennial voted in elections that would be 31.5 million votes. 31.5 million, let that sink in for a moment.

If every millennial voted in elections that would be 31.5 million votes.  31.5 million, let that sink in for a moment.  Alone that could change a candidate’s road to the White House.  Out of those 31.5 million millennials about 60 percent are registered to vote, not too bad.  What is bad though is that out of that 60 percent only 38 percent of those actually voted in the 2014 election, according to statistics from the United States Census.  We’re considered a go-getter generation but when it comes to our government it appears that only a handful of us genuinely care.  We should be the first ones to the voting booth; it is our future that these elections are effecting after all.

It’s not new to politicians that swaying the voters of our generation can effect an election.  After all then-Senator Barack Obama rightly targeted young adults with the Get Out the Vote campaign.  Likewise, some of Senator Bernie Sanders’ biggest supporters are college students.  Students for (insert candidate name here) are vocal across college campuses all over the country.  Politicians have branched out using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like to reach out to the younger generation of voters.  It is a very strategic move; after all, we’re one of the largest voting blocks in the country.  Despite their outreach, young voters are still not getting out to the polls.  Will 2016 be the year that changes?

It should be.  America is at a pivotal point in its history.  The “anti-politician” outsiders have risen up as champions of the average American, looking to break the political stalemate.  Emotionally charged debates have splashed across American’s television screens.  Everyone has an option.  The only way to voice your opinion – beyond posting Facebook rants – is to get out and vote.  If you don’t know how to vote from school, we can help with that.

126 million Americans voted in 2012, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center.  Yet, out of that 126 million voters only 7 million were 18-29.  In a country where voting rates are declining, don’t let our voting decline with them.  Be the generation to stop that.  Your vote matters.  Your vote is your voice.  Make a difference.

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