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The Bernie Sanders Debate

In the aftermath of the January 17th Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders is now sweeping passed his Democratic opponents in the polls. The current debate is whether or not Sanders had already won the debate before he walked in. It was no coincidence that Sanders had helped to pass a new healthcare act proposal the day of the debate on purpose.  This, alongside Hillary’s campaign attacking him, there was more than enough for Sanders to talk about.

One of the first questions the candidates were asked was what they would do during their first 100 days of being in office and to list the top three things they would do. Sanders responded by saying that he would first provide healthcare for all, raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, and create millions of jobs.  Hillary answered the question very similarly, but more in depth going past the list of three which left O’Malley with little time to talk before the commercial break which seems to be a recurring pattern.

Sanders’s emotion and passion evoked multiple follow up questions as well as involving some questions about Hillary’s campaign and personal life.  However when specifically asked about Bill Clinton’s past transgressions he politely and respectfully responded by saying that he was “trying to run an issue oriented campaign.  This is about the issues facing the American public, not Bill Clinton’s personal issues.”

Throughout the debate Sanders was asked questions that were non sequitur to his issues and the change he wishes to make if elected.  However, Sanders was able to turn every non sequitur question around to talk about about his issues pertaining to income inequality, Wall Street corruption, and campaign finance reform.  No one can argue that Sanders lacks enthusiasm while speaking, but does his enthusiasm distract us from what he is really saying?  Or is it Hillary’s lack of enthusiasm that makes voters want to back Sanders?   Bernie was able to take every comment thrown at him and answer it with his youth-generation geared “can do” attitude, but is that what we need? Will Sanders “can do” attitude actually achieve all of the changes that he wants to make?


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